Making Investments the Smarter Way

The ECM PAMM Portal is a seamless marketplace for both Investors and Money Managers to connect.Through the PAMM Portal, discover an accelerated pathway to boost your portfolio by matching up with proven money managers that seek to grow your funds via battle-tested trading expertise. And because money managers are incentivized by a success fee for profitable trading, they have your interests at heart and will only succeed when you do.

Instant Launchpad

Get started immediately with minimal technical trading knowledge requirements.

Transparent and Comprehensive Trade Results

Access your full trade history and growth supported by detailed statistics to help you make more informed trading decisions.

Strategy Spectrum

Choose over a vast range of money managers with unique trading strategies that suit your financial goals.

Seamless Onboarding

Lightning fast user onboarding experience with completion within minutes.

Profit Sharing Model

Success fees are granted to money managers only when they make money for you.

Secure Funds

All personal funds are kept fully segregated with strictly no 3rd party access.

Elevate Your Trading Experience with These Fuss-Free Steps

Register for MT4 Account

Choose Preferred Fund Manager from PAMM Portal

Fill in Fund Transfer Form to Open Subsidiary Investor Account

Begin Profiting from Professional Fund Management