Working at ECM


 ECM  is the place where initiative meets meticulous execution, and ideating converges with strong ethical values, in the process of wealth creation for all stakeholders.

We foster the culture that is entrepreneurial and results-driven on one hand and on the other it emphasizes teamwork and intellectual rigour. We always encourage members to display higher levels of initiative, drive and hunger for learning and taking on additional responsibility. In fact success at ECM is very much determined by the same.

We focus on delivering results with an obsession for high quality execution. We place huge emphasis on building long-term relationships with our clients. This entails significant involvement with almost all of the clients that we work with. Moreover, all our business dealings are characterized by a strong sense of confidentiality, honesty and integrity.

We are in constant need for research analysts, active traders, marketing managers, web experts, channel sales experts and PR  professionals.