Forex (FX)

The currency market is the largest and most active financial market, with an equivalent of over 4 trillion US Dollars traded every day. This is significantly larger than any other major financial market. As a result of high liquidity and the market’s unique decentralized characteristics, there are always price fluctuations in the Forex market. As a result of these price movements, there are always opportunities to make significant profits, even when other markets remain stagnant.

Trading in the currency market consists of two currencies (a cross or currency pair), in which one currency is bought (long) and the other is sold (short).

Forex – Trading Conditions

With ECM trading platform, the quotes of the currency pairs are in 5-digit decimal pricing. Our fifth digit allows us to be more precise in our execution, and gives us the opportunity to offer the very best possible spreads.

With prices measured in 1/10th of a pip the view of the foreign exchange market and its direction is easily attainable in comparison to four digit pricing where figures are ‘rounded up’ or ‘rounded down’ where necessary.

Why trade FOREX with ECM?

ECM offers elite services to Forex traders with diverse levels of knowledge and experience. These services include:

Meta Trader 4 trading platform that has built-in analysis charts, advanced trading orders, and expert advisor compatibility

High Leverage 500x

Dealing Fixed Spread from 3 pip for EURUSD

Over 30 available currency pairs and precious metals like Gold and Silver

Hedging allowed – hold simultaneous long and short positions in the same account

Small deal sizes with as little as 0.01 standard lot (Standard & Privileged Accounts) and 0.01 mini lot (Mini Accounts)

24 hour client email support, available 5.5 days a week

5th decimal place pricing

Competitive Bid/Ask pip spreads