It distinguishes itself as a young and vibrant organization. Just as an organization needs the right pool people to meet its vision, the people need the right culture and environment to grow and realize their dreams. With this in mind, its employees as the biggest assets and consequently, the employee satisfaction in the company is amongst the highest in the industry.

It is one of the fastest growing companies in forex.

We are an equal opportunities employer. It doesn’t discriminates based on gender, caste, age, social status, disability, etc.
The work environment is such that, it gives a feeling of security and comfort, even to the female members.
It believes in overall grooming and personality development of its employees. The focus is always at continuous enhancement in knowledge, upgrading the skills and improve upon the shortcomings, making you a totally changed human being.

What makes us different is the support, nurturing and guidance provided to you, that help you grow and innovate at every step of your career.

What We Look For?

Enthusiasm: For us, enthusiasm, passion and zeal are amongst the most important traits that can actually take off one’s career to a great height.
Willingness to learn: Everyone at all the cadres of hierarchy believes that even after years of experiences and scholarships, there will always be something to learn. Same is the quality we expect in the new members of our family.
Good Communications: Communication is the key to connect from one to thousands. Be it any role in any department, this would be the key skill you must possess to become a part of the success ride.
Strong values and high morale: We look for people having a strong base of values with high level of commitment, dedication and integrity who would not compromise with the core values and principles of the organization for anything in the world.

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